The lowdown on email marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of our core activities at Saucy Horse. It can help you to nurture new prospects towards purchase and re-engage existing customers. It’s critical that you develop your strategy with care. One wrong email could turn off thousands of potential customers at once.

We’re obsessed with email marketing statistics. Every time we send an email, we ask ourself what went well and what we can do better next time. We delve deep into the statistics on every email to find this out. It’s this attention to detail that’s helped us to deliver amazing results to our clients. We’d love to do the same for your business.

The Results we achieve

We hate fluffy numbers. We care about the results and revenue that email marketing delivers to our clients. We’ve created email campaigns that deliver £7,000 of monthly revenue to our clients. That’s what we call a success. Another email generated over 150 new leads for a client’s service.

We achieve these results by constantly tweaking every single element of the emails we send. We examine every link, image, button and word to make sure that we drive the highest possible click rate. We then use tracking technology to find out everything we can about the customer path. This data is used to ensure the conversion rate is as high as possible.

We send the right email marketing

Segmentation is an essential part of email marketing. Our powerful CRM system allows us to segment your database based on any imaginable attribute. Where they live, the links they click, the products they have bought. We’ll use anything that we believe will bring you more leads and sales. We can also help you to clean up your existing database and send better emails that drive more opens and clicks.


Let us help you

Email marketing is a key part of our digital marketing optimisation service. We can help you design an email campaign that brings you new leads or customers and drives traffic to your website. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts using the form below so we can get started.