How we connected an IT security company to 100 new leads

social media marketing for IT companies

Case Study : Digital marketing for IT companies

Client : Bytes

The brief :

Bytes Security Partnerships is an IT security company that works with large and medium businesses across the UK. They wanted to attract more high value prospects to their regular events and webinars, where they were able to move prospects along to becoming customers. They approached Saucy Horse with a defined list of companies that they wanted to work with. We engaged with these clients through a range of social media platforms, a blog strategy to improve traffic to their website, and improved data capture as well as an ongoing email marketing nurture campaign.

What we did :

New sales funnels and content

We worked with Bytes Security Partnerships to create sales and marketing funnels that would appeal to their ideal prospect. As well as offering registration for their events and webinars, we created lead bait including downloads and a monthly IT security update, that would be useful and relevant to people responsible for IT network security.

The first of these was Network Security Policies, a download aimed specifically at IT managers. To download the document the IT manager was required to give their email address and company name, allowing our client to monitor the profile of those that showed an interest. The download attracted over 25 high-value drop ins (IT budgets for over 200 seats in an organisation) in a 3 month period.

We also worked with our IT client to create the VIP Early Warning system. Thanks to the client’s excellent relationship with their vendors we were able to offer IT managers early warnings about products that were about to lose support. Monitoring end of life dates can be a constant challenge for IT managers – our aim was to provide a ‘set-it and forget it’ service for IT managers, whether or not they were Bytes SP customers. Clearly, there was great value in our client knowing when a buyer’s renewal dates were coming up, in terms of improving their forthcoming sales and marketing campaigns and content.

Highly Optimised Blogs

social media marketing for IT companies

We constantly monitored search terms being used by IT security managers. One of our biggest successes came around the replacement of Microsoft TMG. Our highly optimised blogs appeared on the first page of Google for a range of TMG replacement terms and we created sales funnel data capture forms to capture the traffic that this brought to the blog.

Social media activity

social media marketing for IT companies

Specific and measurable successes came with social media marketing campaigns. On LinkedIn we managed the profile of the company’s chief technical officer and connected him to high level IT staff at the clients’ target prospect companies. After connecting, we worked to drop them into sales funnels using a follow up email marketing campaign. We achieved great success in connecting to IT managers at high value companies. These companies included: 

  • British Airways
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Shop Direct Group
  • The NEC, Birmingham
  • The Conservative Party
  • The Science Museum

Over a six month period we connected Bytes to over 350 new, qualified leads on LinkedIn and dropped over 50 of these into optimised funnels that captured their details and allowed the IT sales team to make contact with them and nurture them towards becoming a customer.

The Results

In a period of eight months we provided over 100 new qualified leads to Bytes Security Partnerships, based on their criteria of 200 IT seats in a company. We also worked to re-engage with potential clients who were no longer opening their emails – to improve customer lifetime value. Additionally, we increased organic traffic to the website year on year, through our highly optimised blogs and also improved the social media traffic to this IT company’s blogs and other online content.

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