Cheltenham B2C video marketing case study

B2C – Cheltenham Racecourse

The Brief

The Jockey Club approached us with two separate but linked video marketing projects. Firstly, they wanted to build the value of the Cheltenham Annual Membership package at Cheltenham Racecourse. Secondly, they wanted to boost ticket sales for the annual Cheltenham Festival event which takes place in March.

What we did

We scripted, storyboarded, shot and produced a series of high definition videos for web use and broadcast. This included brand builder videos for the Cheltenham Annual Membership package and sales spots for TV broadcast and web distribution aimed at selling tickets for the annual Cheltenham Festival event in 2013.

The Brand Builder Video

The brand builder video was designed to increase the value of Annual Cheltenham Membership in the minds of both current and potential members. This was the first part of a long-term campaign we have run to increase the value of the Annual Membership. The video showcases the thought, care and attention that goes into one small element of the overall membership, the badge that is given to all annual members. The feel of the video is deliberately calm and collected, much like the badge makers themselves.

The Festival Advertisement

Even though we made it for the same organisation this video couldn’t be more different in feel to the brand builder above. Our approach was to emphasise the excitement that you can only experience by attending the festival in person. Something that is lost to TV viewers who miss out on the atmosphere. The video was shot in broadcast quality high definition and broadcast on a wide variety of channels and platforms.

The Festival Web Promo

This was a shorter festival promotion designed to be used in web video promotions and on the Cheltenham website itself. The use of targeted web video, rather than the wider sweep of TV advertising, allowed us to be much more targeted and focus on the corporate hospitality side of the Cheltenham Festival. An area which the client was very keen to expand


The results

Discover how we spearheaded B2C video marketing at cheltenham racecourse


The entire campaign for both the Cheltenham Annual Membership and the 2013 Cheltenham Festival cost a total of 88,300.Our advertising campaign for memberships resulted in an 8% increase in sales and an increase in turnover of £184,000 alone.


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